When I painted ‘Guided’ something different happened. It was a very meditative experience.

I work purely from my imagination. I start with colour, this sets the mood. There are times when I have an idea about shape and form, other times I arrive with nothing. The feeling of ‘nothing’ is both exciting and uncomfortable. The point at which I access my work/myself can happen immediately, but there are times when the conversation takes a little longer. When I painted ‘Guided’ I had a strong sense of what I needed to do. I followed the rhythm (the direction of the lines and shapes) I’d created with the plaster and from there it all fell into place quite effortlessly.

For me, the process of making art is about the conversation between me and the art. The conservation, or flow state that took place when I made this painting was fluid and showed me a new way to trust my creative process.

‘Guided’ is now sold

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