New to the gallery this week is my latest oil painting ‘The Colour of Mist’. A painting that puts a soft focus on the horizon where land and sea meet.

In ‘The Colour of Mist’ I’m hoping to convey a real sense of calm, aided by the beautiful pale teal greens. This is a quiet painting – the early morning waxing moon can be seen moving towards the horizon as the sun rises.

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When I painted ‘Guided’ something different happened. It was a very meditative experience. I work purely from my imagination. I start with colour, this sets the mood. There are times when I have an idea about shape and form, other times I arrive with nothing. The feeling of ‘nothing’ is both exciting and uncomfortable. The point at which I access my work/myself can … Continue reading

The Journey

The painting might be finished but the journey continues.

‘The Journey’ is my latest painting and new into the gallery this week.

This new piece forms the beginning of a new collection I started in June and includes ‘Changing Light’ and ‘Beyond the Horizon’. The mood I’m hoping to convey in this work is independence and courage. The colours I’ve chosen to use create the contrast needed to tell the story. The shadowy darkest blues and greens showcase the radiant, lighter tones and angular lines. The splashes of gold convey an optimism from the start of the journey right through to the end. The gold lays out the route home and portrays a commitment to reach the shore.

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