Vanessa Perry is a Visual Artist and lives on the South East Coast of England. Vanessa paints and draws purely from her imagination and uses photography as a way of finding compositions. Passionate about the sea, Vanessa draws on her coastal environment for inspiration.

Vanessa moved her studio to the South East Coast in 2014. Since then her work has changed and moved in a different direction using more muted colours that reflect her natural environment. Vanessa completed a new body of work in 2015 entitled ‘Second Self’. This collection explores her relationship with the sea and her environment, and of course her relationship with ‘self’. You can read more about this collection in one of Vanessa’s blogs

Vanessa’s most recent work continues to explore water, the sea and the memory of water. What Vanessa is hoping to convey in these pieces is a kind of deconstruction of the movement of waves, challenging the assumption that waves are only a series of curves when in fact the sea can be full of lines, triangles and other shapes that don’t conform with our assumptions about the sea.

In this work Vanessa continues to use plaster on her canvas before paint is applied, creating a rich texture. Woven into these new pieces are stories from history, both personal and geographic, studies of water and personal experiences.

You can buy Vanessa’s paintings and drawings directly from her online gallery shop