The Journey

The painting might be finished but the journey continues.

‘The Journey’ is my latest painting and new into the gallery this week.

This new piece forms the beginning of a new collection I started in June and includes ‘Changing Light’ and ‘Beyond the Horizon’. The mood I’m hoping to convey in this work is independence and courage. The colours I’ve chosen to use create the contrast needed to tell the story. The shadowy darkest blues and greens showcase the radiant, lighter tones and angular lines. The splashes of gold convey an optimism from the start of the journey right through to the end. The gold lays out the route home and portrays a commitment to reach the shore.

Much like every story, there is a start, a middle and an end in ‘The Journey’. As I worked on this painting I became aware of two aspects at work in me – the desire to reach the outcome of the painting and the need to experience creating it. The desire to see a finished painting and reach the end of my journey was preventing me from being present as I created it. The centre of the painting – the centre of the story – the present moment, became an access point for me to connect to myself. Only when I chose to have the experience of creating was I able to flow into the work and access the ‘here and now’.

We are all on a journey of some sort, and although there is a certain satisfaction to be gained from completing any journey, the prize is often the courage to start it.




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