As there are many ways to grow a meditation practice, paintings can provide the same type of tranquillity we sometimes need to slow us down. Colour has been used in meditative practices for centuries. When we become familiar with colour, and we find the colours that resonate with us and make us feel good, finding the right piece of art is second … Continue reading


‘The Curved Crust of Us’ and ‘Soul’ (featured below) are available to buy online as giclée prints, printed on 100% cotton Hahnemühle paper with a matte finish. These vibrantly coloured fine art giclée prints offer something dramatic and yet extremely calming, as a pair or on their own. The cooling greens and blues illuminate the other colours around them. If art can … Continue reading

The Journey

The painting might be finished but the journey continues.

‘The Journey’ is my latest painting and new into the gallery this week.

This new piece forms the beginning of a new collection I started in June and includes ‘Changing Light’ and ‘Beyond the Horizon’. The mood I’m hoping to convey in this work is independence and courage. The colours I’ve chosen to use create the contrast needed to tell the story. The shadowy darkest blues and greens showcase the radiant, lighter tones and angular lines. The splashes of gold convey an optimism from the start of the journey right through to the end. The gold lays out the route home and portrays a commitment to reach the shore.

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The Voice in the Painting

I’ve often thought that what we see in a painting is what we bring to it. Some might argue that we are made up of a collection of experiences.  If this is the case, how could we possibly draw on the same ‘stuff’ to view a piece of art, as unique individuals. I’d argue that it’s the observer who makes the art … Continue reading