‘The Curved Crust of Us’ and ‘Soul’ (featured below) are available to buy online as giclée prints, printed on 100% cotton Hahnemühle paper with a matte finish.

These vibrantly coloured fine art giclée prints offer something dramatic and yet extremely calming, as a pair or on their own. The cooling greens and blues illuminate the other colours around them.

If art can heal, colours certainly have the ability to create all kinds of positive emotions for our body and soul. However you experience the power of art, there is science to support that colours can deeply influence us.

Blue is known to be a rational colour, it can enhance concentration and vitality. Blue is also known to be linked to the feeling of security and safety. There is also science to support that the colour blue can lower the body temperature!

As the predominant colour in nature, green is associated with growth and feelings of security, relief, peace and calmness. Green is apparently the most soothing colour on the eyes, and because of it’s strong link to nature, green can also conjure up a spectrum of sounds from the natural world. Colour can stimulate all of our senses, imagine the smell of freshly cut grass.

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