Thousands of people are now working from home, and whatever that space previously meant to its occupier, with the arrival of continuous zoom meetings one thing is for sure, it’s not that private anymore. What I’ve noticed on a personal level, is a stripping away of objects, as if the many parts that made up the room (or the occupier) needs to be made less ‘them’. The walls left empty, with no hint of the personality occupying the space. Although, in some cases the opposite is true, as I see the use of props like heavily stocked bookshelves, candles, fresh flowers.

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‘Ancient Light’ is a painting of many layers. The experiments I’ve taken to find this composition reveal lines, shapes and brush strokes partially exposed through the plaster. These experiments, or risks, not only influenced the journey taken to create this piece, they will influence the next work I produce as my processes evolve and the story of this collection grows.

There was a strong sense of being led by my intuition when I created this piece.

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‘The Curved Crust of Us’ and ‘Soul’ (featured below) are available to buy online as giclée prints, printed on 100% cotton Hahnemühle paper with a matte finish. These vibrantly coloured fine art giclée prints offer something dramatic and yet extremely calming, as a pair or on their own. The cooling greens and blues illuminate the other colours around them. If art can … Continue reading


When I painted ‘Guided’ something different happened. It was a very meditative experience. I work purely from my imagination. I start with colour, this sets the mood. There are times when I have an idea about shape and form, other times I arrive with nothing. The feeling of ‘nothing’ is both exciting and uncomfortable. The point at which I access my work/myself can … Continue reading


I published my latest painting on to my online gallery last week. This painting has taken me months to complete and it’s been quite a journey! A journey that has taken lots of twists and turns. The title of this piece is ‘New Light’ and it’s another journey into ‘self’.  New Light is really a continuation from my last painting High Tide In New … Continue reading