I published my latest painting on to my online gallery last week. This painting has taken me months to complete and it’s been quite a journey! A journey that has taken lots of twists and turns. The title of this piece is ‘New Light’ and it’s another journey into ‘self’.  New Light is really a continuation from my last painting High Tide

In New Light I’m inviting you onto the water with me and offering you a clearer view of the horizon. Paintings can quite often be somewhere to hide, at least that can be true for me. Therefore, in this painting it felt important to invite the viewer to take a closer look at the decaying horizon.

Using a very limited colour palette for this painting came about as a result of the black and white photographic images I’ve been developing – I’m really inspired by the depth and contrast of black and white and enjoy of the challenge of working with two single tones.

I’ve now started my next painting which is a smaller piece, and I’m making it using only black and white tones, and of course plaster. I’m finding it quite challenging and look forward to sharing the results with you soon,

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