The Surface Of Things

At the beginning of March 2020, when I first started work on my new collection ‘The Surface of Things’, the questions I was asking in my paintings at that time were personal and challenging. As time passed and we all flowed in and out of restrictions as the pandemic became apparent, one key theme in my work starting showing up. The horizon. … Continue reading


The colours in my mood board for this week are of the green side of grey, the blue side of black and a small splash of gold. The colours I’ve started to use in my recent paintings have evolved into quite dark tones. I’m really enjoying the depth and the space these tones create quite naturally. It feels easier to play with … Continue reading


I published my latest painting on to my online gallery last week. This painting has taken me months to complete and it’s been quite a journey! A journey that has taken lots of twists and turns. The title of this piece is ‘New Light’ and it’s another journey into ‘self’.  New Light is really a continuation from my last painting High Tide In New … Continue reading