Thousands of people are now working from home, and whatever that space previously meant to its occupier, with the arrival of continuous zoom meetings one thing is for sure, it’s not that private anymore. What I’ve noticed on a personal level, is a stripping away of objects, as if the many parts that made up the room (or the occupier) needs to be made less ‘them’. The walls left empty, with no hint of the personality occupying the space. Although, in some cases the opposite is true, as I see the use of props like heavily stocked bookshelves, candles, fresh flowers.

Emptywall is about offering your colleagues the experience to enjoy the digital environment you have invited them into, through the media of art. As we find ourselves, more than ever, wanting to protect our privacy by removing photographs of family, friends or pets, the result is a stark, empty wall for colleagues to view during zoom meetings. Might that have an impact on colleagues?

As a visual artist I aim to promote the value that art can bring to our daily lives, and the healing capacity that colour can have on our wellbeing.

The effects of colour on emotions has been studied extensively. Colour stimuli can be characterized by hue (wavelength), brightness (illumination) and saturation (vividness). Our emotional responses to these stimuli can be characterized as pleasurable/non-pleasurable, and arousing/non-arousing. Colours that elicit high levels of pleasure with low levels of arousal are most likely to induce a state of calm, and these colours include greens and blues.

Colour is measured in nanometres, and studies have found that when viewing short-wavelength colours like blue and green, the heart rate was reduced, compared to longer-wavelength colours like red and orange. So, when we think about how we create our working spaces at home, understanding how we respond to colour is vital.  And as we invite colleagues into our online working spaces, we can have a direct impact on their wellbeing too, with the use of wall art and the intentional use of colour. This may well be beneficial during these tough times.

If this is something that appeals to you then you can find a selection of calm inducing wall art to fill your empty wall on my website or direct message me to discuss a commission. I’m offering 10% discount on any purchase from my gallery, on the first 10 sales – please message me for your discount code using #emptywall to receive this limited offer.

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