The Surface Of Things

At the beginning of March 2020, when I first started work on my new collection ‘The Surface of Things’, the questions I was asking in my paintings at that time were personal and challenging. As time passed and we all flowed in and out of restrictions as the pandemic became apparent, one key theme in my work starting showing up. The horizon. … Continue reading


When I painted ‘Guided’ something different happened. It was a very meditative experience. I work purely from my imagination. I start with colour, this sets the mood. There are times when I have an idea about shape and form, other times I arrive with nothing. The feeling of ‘nothing’ is both exciting and uncomfortable. The point at which I access my work/myself can … Continue reading

The Memory of Water

Water is full of information. Water has been studied for years by scientists, conservationists, ecologists and many other groups, but it’s the work of Dr  Masaru Emoto that interests me the most. Emoto claimed that water contained memory and our could impact its molecular structure. He believed that water reacted to positive speech, and his experiments included exposing water crystals to words, pictures … Continue reading