New into the gallery this week is my latest painting ‘Native Light’, featured below right. This painting was inspired by the small, white lighthouse perched on the end of the pier, down here on the South East coast in Kent.

Continuing with the dark green cooling water, this painting is a night time scene. The bright, pulsating light of the lighthouse intermittently flashing light across the water is fleeting.

I’ve used the very darkest side of green for the sea and sky, creating a dramatic contrast against the promising white light, painted with a palette knife.

In ‘Native Light’ I’m hoping to convey a stillness, but also a sense of rhythm and repetition from the light flashing from the lighthouse onto the slow moving ripples of the waves. There is something left for your imagination to grow in the dark, endless, slow moving water of the night.

‘Native Light’ measures 30cm x 30cm and it’s available to buy now from my online gallery.

Diving down under the pier ‘Under Water’ (featured below) allows us to immerse ourselves into the natural world where we can experience the pier from a different angle. The bright intermittent light from above casts shafts of light across the ocean floor, hinting at the structure of the pier above.

I drew this piece with soft hand rolled pastels which create a really smooth, almost creamy finish. ‘Under Water’ is double mounted in a matte black museum mount which looks really striking against the greens and blues.

‘Under Water’ measures 22cm x 43cm which includes the mount. Available to buy┬ánow in the gallery shop.



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