I’m often struck by the clarity of nature. Nature knows its purpose and seems able to create life and survive almost anywhere, no matter how limited or tough the conditions. I took the photograph above as I walked along the promenade on the stretch of beach between Folkestone and Hythe. It was cold, wintery and wet. Despite the pounding of feet on the pavement, these tiny weeds were able to form life and grow amongst the chaos of the weather and the inhospitable conditions. At that moment this illustrated to me that the clarity of nature’s purpose is simply to survive.

These small plants in the pavement showed me how easy it is to lose sight of our own purpose. It’s all too easy to live in the past, where nothing can grow.

Nature has a resilience, as we do when we need to adapt. But is nature a form of chaos, simply able to adapt to any kind of situation or unpredictable experience like these little plants in the pavement?  I suppose nature is chaos, full of natural cycles and systems, evolving as patterns and order.

Order and chaos are so bound together, co-existing and co-creating in a kind of partnership, ultimately the two become one.

Order and chaos

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