When I painted High Tide I wanted to try and convey the constantly changing light in the sky and around the water, and the lashing waves as they were being blown in all directions. I used plaster in the foreground this painting to form the shapes of the waves. The colours of the sea change constantly and in this painting I’ve attempted to present the colours as I saw and felt them during the process of making this work.

Living on the South East Coast of England, I’m often struck by the fact that every day, the sea is different, unique. I especially enjoy walking on the beach when the tide is high and the sea is rough. The unpredictable nature of the sea reminds me that change is constant.

The English Channel is the busiest shipping lane in the world and when I’m out walking I see all kinds of vessels, rigs and sometimes unidentifiable shapes, out at sea. The abstract shape on the horizon of this painting is my interpretation of one of these unidentifiable shapes. To me, this shape represents a strength and a hope, no matter how rough the sea can be there are structures and life that can withstand any challenge that nature might offer.

High Tide can be viewed HERE

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