‘Between The Light’ is the title of the painting I’m currently working on. This painting is proving to be a great challenge, possibly one of the hardest pieces I’ve painted so far, because there is a conflict at work between the sky and the sea. Each one trying to somehow dominate the other.  As I lay down more paint I’m continuously turning the canvas, the sea becomes the sky, and then the sky becomes the sea.  What I understand about this conflict is that there is something about me here, and the choices I’m being presented with outside of the studio.

When I think about how I’ve previously felt at the very beginning of each of my paintings, I’m struck by this experience as being very familiar. There is always a sense of apprehension at the start.  Working from my imagination means that I have something imagined but unformed somewhere in my mind. The idea and the colours always come first in a new painting, then the forming of something visual, and then the work begins.

I know that once the balance is established and visually formed, it’s as if I forget there was ever a conflict.  For me, painting is a vessel for the emotional work, or for sorting out a division. And I’m sure this is true in all of the arts.

I’m halfway through this painting and I’ve yet to fully immerse myself in it. The success of my painting will be determined by knowing the light and the dark, learning how they can coexist in harmony. This requires me to accept everything that arises, accept it and see the beauty in it all.

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