The colours in my mood board for this week are of the green side of grey, the blue side of black and a small splash of gold.

The colours I’ve started to use in my recent paintings have evolved into quite dark tones. I’m really enjoying the depth and the space these tones create quite naturally. It feels easier to play with the light with these contrasts. This has come about mainly from my growing passion for black and white photography, but also as a direct response to nature. Living by the sea means we get some pretty harsh, stormy weather during the cold months and the winter colours can be very dramatic. These colours stay with me, even in the summer months. Right now I prefer to paint in these tones rather than the sunny light blues and tropical greens that we get here on the South East Coast during the summer months.

I’ve just finished and published my latest painting, it’s called ‘Beyond the Horizon’. This painting is a good example of this darker colour palette. This painting was finished in two days which is very unusual for me. The painting is a representation of the power of nature, the ethereal and fleeting shapes in the sky that land on the sea. I’m hoping to convey the feelings of this experience, through my imagination, constructing and deconstructing shapes in the sky and sea.

‘Beyond the Horizon’ is the beginning of a new collection of work that explores the repetition and movement of the sea. It’s about my relationship with fleeting moments, constant change, evolution, nature’s purpose. In this work I’m deconstructing the elements of the sea as I experience them, and express this using texture and light.

You can view ‘Beyond the Horizon’ here and it’s available to buy now from my online gallery shop. It’s all ready to hang.

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