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from something imagined

I published my latest painting on to my online gallery last week. This painting has taken me months to complete and it's been quite a journey! A journey that has taken lots of twists and turns. The title of this piece is 'New Light' and it's another

I'm often struck by the clarity of nature. Nature knows its purpose and seems able to create life and survive almost anywhere, no matter how limited or tough the conditions. I took the photograph above as I walked along the promenade on the stretch

When I painted High Tide I wanted to try and convey the constantly changing light in the sky and around the water, and the lashing waves as they were being blown in all directions. I used plaster in the foreground of this

Water is full of information. Water has been studied for years by scientists, conservationists, ecologists and many other groups, but it's the work of Dr Masaru Emoto that interests me the most. Emoto claimed that water contained memory and our consciousness